Friday, October 5th Infofest

Today, at 9.30 am at the Avala Resort and Villas, the Silver Room, began the 8th Reginal Conference on “Digital Postal Territory” – postal business: challenges of the era of e-business. Counseling “Digital Postal Territory” is an interesting and productive program that, with expert elaboration, provides direct communication, presentation of examples of best practice and provides space for sharing experiences and arranging future co-operation and new joint projects.

The presentation program organized by the Association for Information and Communications Technology of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce on the subject of the ICT sector in Montenegro was held at the Convicts Hall of Hotel Avala at 10h. In the presentation block, companies participated: Čiko, S & T, WinSoft. Jugodata, Amplitude, Data Design, Bild Studio, Montex Electronics, Navira IT Solutions. The aim of this program was to get the first-hand Infofest participants to hear about the relatively young but prospective ICT sector in Montenegro.

The Erasmus + Project Presentation on Enhancement of Study Programs in Public Health – Health Information Management was held at 12.45 am at the Avala Glass Room. Prof. Dr. Ramo Šendelj mentioned the full name of the project “Improving Study Programs in the Field of Law, Management and Economics, Public Health and Medical Informatics in Montenegro”. The project is implemented within the Erasmus + program and aims to improve the quality of education of employees in the health sector so that they can take the most adequate way to make decisions and manage modern tools to provide a more efficient and more reliable health system.

At 12 o’clock at the Avala Congress Hall, a panel on digital economy began: now or immediately? The panel is organized by the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Managers and aims to recognize the developmental and sociological factors that accelerate or slow us down the path to digital economy. It is stated that essential elements for the assumption of digital transformation of society and thus of economy: the development, availability and availability of telecommunication infrastructure, then the development and availability of state administration services, local self-government banks, intended for citizens and business, then optimization of the legal framework, intensive the development of human resources and, finally, the development of the ICT sector.

In the Glass Hall of Hotel Avala at 7.30 pm the ceremony was held and the official closing ceremony was held.

The young flutist Anika Pavićević in the Stalena Hall of Hotel Avala presented the participants of Infofest with her music program. Her performance successfully completed Infofest 2018 where new acquaintances, renewed old, established business cooperation and unforgettable experiences and memories have been completed.