Thursday, October 4th Infofest 2018

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Today Symantec’s Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense is held at 11 am at the Congress Hall. Mr. Davor Perat from the regional office of this company in Zagreb stated that the company was founded in 1982 and that it has survived on the market. In addition, it talked about a broad range of Symantec products in the field of endpoint, proxy, email, cloud, etc .; he introduced the concept of an integrated cyber defense.

Marija Vujić, OSA, UniDocs Sales Manager, spoke about Component of Computer Engineering at 10.45am, in Glass Hall, on business management, business processes, documents and data through an integral DMS & ERP solution – UniDocs Business Box. At this time, he emphasized that the DMS system is necessary to unify documents as actual information carriers with different structured type IT systems (ERP, CRM, HR, …) and thus establish unity of business processes and business information and only optimize business.

Saga Company presented on the topic of consumer technology at 4.0 at 11.30 am at the Avala Glass Room. Mr. Vukašin Vlahović, Director of Sales Department, inspired the topic of sales inspired by the importance of knowing the consumer, his movement, habits, and the importance of creating a database for the buyer and communicating with them.

At 11.45 am at the Congress Hall, renowned company Čiko had a presentation on the topic of digital transformation of local governments. Speeches Milica Gogić, Ana Nives Radovic and Milijana Vukotić Jelušić, at the presentation, said that the transformation of the administration is necessary to start from the people, the strategies and the cooperation, and then only to start the transformation of the administration. Movers of such transformations must always be the needs of the user.

Today’s lecture on the topic of the Unique “Green” Data Center Lefdal Mine was held by Fabian Schäfer, Rittal GmBH & Co. KG, Group Leader Portfolio Management IT System Solutions, at 12.30 am at the Avala Congress Hall. He talked about innovative solutions implemented in the Lefdal data center, opening up numerous opportunities for DC technology and industry development and pointing to completely new directions in this field.

Dragan Ninić, manager of the business development sector at Lanaco, spoke on the experience of SaaS software distribution, at 12.15 am at the Avala Glass Room. She highlighted the advantages and challenges of implementing SaaA software and gave Lanaco the answer: the concept of vertical approach. Also mentioned are brands: EcoOne, EdulS, Soho Station 24, Careoll.

The Infostream Company had a presentation on the topic of business process digitization – license and license registers at 13h in the Avala Glass Room. The main topic was: the need for the development and implementation of digital administrative procedure, information technology software architecture, administrative procedure and division of roles in the system, description of process, reporting and administration, digitization of administrative procedure in the information system of the Transport Directorate of Montenegro.

After the presentation, the Infofest participants enjoyed the fantastic duet of violin and violet with the name “Dame Infofest”, who performed a contemporary composition at 13:30 in the Aperitif bar of Hotel Avala.

The second session of the Info-Pulse 2018 scientific-expert conference, which began at 16:00 in the Congress Hall, presented five papers that showed scientific and professional results in various areas.

At the same time, in the Glass Room of Hotel Avala, there was a consultation for Infofest participants on the topic of information technology in modern sports – doping prevention technology. Ivan Vasiljevic and Bojan Mašanović talked about diagnosis as a fundamental value, a driver of all the top sports results, and said that every serious athlete must use diagnostic tools to measure, test, and evaluate their results. This method must also be generally applicable when it comes to sports. Also, a journal of the Faculty of Sport was mentioned, as well as examples from the general practice, explained the presentation items.

Post Montenegro had a retrospective presentation. Aleksandra Perovic, the head of the Philatelic and International Cooperation Service, said that the products of Post at Infofest were presented, which, as a space and occasion, gathering more than 1000 participants from various fields, most of the IT sector, is an idyllic place for promotion, as well as for making new acquaintances, business cooperation …

“Eve with Friends”, with the band “Beauty and the Beast”, and the greatest hits of domestic and foreign pop and rock music, on the terrace of the restaurant “Avala”, with good wine and a multitude of participants, in a wonderful way was concluded a wonderful festival day.