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Award Ceremony, Infofest 2018.

5. 10. 2018
This year, Infofest’s competent service registered 1,182 individual participants. This is by number of participants, the second of the 25th Festival. The participants came to 24 countries talking about the international physiognomy of Infofest. while 42 business entities had the status of an institution or an Infofesta 2018 company. At the Joint Session of the ...

Friday, October 5th Infofest

5. 10. 2018
Today, at 9.30 am at the Avala Resort and Villas, the Silver Room, began the 8th Reginal Conference on “Digital Postal Territory” – postal business: challenges of the era of e-business. Counseling “Digital Postal Territory” is an interesting and productive program that, with expert elaboration, provides direct communication, presentation of examples of best practice and ...