The Steering Committee of the Festival of Information Technology Achievements

for submission of authoring works for the regional scientific-technical conference

“ICT Pulse”
within the Infofest 2016 (25th of September – 1st of October 2016)

  1. General Information

In accordance with the program commitments of expert Committee, within Infofest 2016, as a special program, a regional scientific Conference “ICT Pulse” will be held. On the Conference, authoring works collected by this Public Call, which received positive review of the Expert Committee of the Festival, will be presented.

Selected works will be included in the festival and the conference program and published in the Infofest Catalogue.

The right to submit the works is gathered to all individuals and groups of authors. One author can (individually or as member of a group of authors) to submit maximum two works.

The submitted works should represent original scientific or professional contribution to the theme, and presentation of theoretical or practical research results of the author.

It is understood the undisputed copyright or intellectual property rights of authors in relation to the submitted work. Regardless of the review, solely responsibility for all the consequences arising out from any objections, the challenges and demands of third parties in relation to copyrights, as well as subsequently determined non originality of work, has the author or group of authors who submitted the work.

It is permitted only delivering papers which are not published, or whose content has not been previously communicated.

Works can be written in English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin language.

Works are prepared according to the instructions for authors that, in the format of the sample work (template), are integral part of this call.

  1. Thematic areas

In a broader sense, the thematic scope of this public invitation, or submitted works, means information-communication technologies and their application, with the following principled classification:

  • Design, implementation and exploitation of information systems;
  • ICT development and software development tools;
  • Simulation and expert systems. Artificial intelligence;
  • e-domain of Information Society;
  • Security of information systems and technologies. Protection and safety;
  • Application of IC technologies;
  • Computer networks and communications;
  • Computer equipment;
  • Mobile technologies;
  • The legislative framework of ICT. Privacy protection;
  • ICT education.
  1. Procedure:

Works should be submitted in the form of electronic mail to the address

Electronic consignment contains:

  • delivery letter in which the author indicates that the work is submitted by the public invitation of Infofest Organizer, that work is original and that the author (group of authors) has all the rights of intellectual property. Delivery letter should indicate consent of the author with the requirements stated in the call, including compliance with the law of the Organizer to publish the work (if accepted), without material obligations to the author or group of authors. Delivery letter should specify the contact details of the author or the author’s representative (address, phone, name), which will Organize use for official correspondence.
  • authoring work, prepared in accordance with the instructions, attached to delivery letter.

The deadline for submission of papers is 1st of August 2016, until 24:00 h.

Upon receipt of the work, logistics service of Organizer delivers a confirmation of receipt.

Review of works submitted on time and prepared in accordance with the instruction performs Expert Committee of Infofest. Upon completion of the review, the authors, until 29th of August 2016. will receive individual information about acceptance.  The decision of the Expert Committee is final, without appeal.

Notification of acceptance contains an indicative planned date of presentation, as well as instructions for payment of registration fee with the payment period until 10th of September 2016. The precise agenda of the Conference shall be published on the official website of Infofest until 17th of September 2016.

Presentation of the work takes up to 20 minutes. The exhibitor is provided with techniques of Organizers.

The most successful authors will be awarded with prizes and awards as decided by the Steering Committee of Infofest, based on a proposal from the Technical Committee. Competition for Infofest prizes and awards includes only works that are presented in the official program.

  1. Additional Information

For additional information and explanations, the authors that are interested can contact the following address or directly to the organizer of Info fest (Biznis Link, 11000 Beograd, Milentija Popovica 8, telephone +381 11 21 21 188) .