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The jubilee, twenty-fifth Festival of Informatics Achievements – INFOFEST 2018 was held in the hotel “Avala Resort & amp; Villas “, in the period September 30 – October 06. This year, the organizers
The festivals were the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro and the consulting company Biznis Link. The slogan of the jubilee INFOFEST was “History of the Future”, as an association on the role of the Festival in development information and communication technologies in our area. The slogan was explained in more detail by the Director of INFOFEST in the editorial of the Catalog:

“At first glance, this year’s slogan of Infofest, or the title of this introductory note, will be astonishing. In a word, the future is a term that signifies what will be happening, and history is related to what has already happened. So, with full logic, we can say that the construction of the “History of the Future” is an unsustainable semantic paradox.

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