Award Ceremony, Infofest 2018.

This year, Infofest’s competent service registered 1,182 individual participants. This is by number of participants, the second of the 25th Festival. The participants came to 24 countries talking about the international physiognomy of Infofest. while 42 business entities had the status of an institution or an Infofesta 2018 company.

At the Joint Session of the Management and Programming Committee of the ITFEST 2018 Festival, held in Budva on October 5, 2018. On the proposal of the Program Committee, the Steering Board adopted the following decision:

  1. To contribute to the development and synergic integration of the ICT sector in Montenegro, recognition is given – the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce.
  2. The group of authors: Dr. Miroslav Majstorović, Dr. Dusan Krstajić and Dr. Radovan Cvetkovic are awarded the acknowledgment for the quality of work “Application of Concepts AO and UPP in the development of life insurance offerings” presented in the framework of the Regional Scientific and Professional Conference “Infofest Pulse 2018”.
  3. In particular, the Board of Directors of the 25th Festival of Computerized Achievements – Infofest 2018 thanks Mr. Dejan Cvetkovic, CTO for Digital Transformation in Microsoft, as a lecturer at the invitation to the jubilee 25th Infofest.
  4. The Infostream Company is given special recognition for the quality of “License and Licensing” solutions from the domain of digitalisation of business processes.
  5. Special recognition is given to the company “Saga – New Frontier Group” for the solution “Geolocation Services: G-fence”.
  6. For dynamic and successful application of the latest technologies in different domains, the award is awarded to E-Smart Systems.
  7. Due to the high functional usability of the results of the 8th Regional Advisory “Digital Territory of the Post”, the great recognition of the Post of Montenegro is given.
  8. For a successful transformation of its Sowtvare as a Service portfolio, its special award is given to Lanaco.
  9. For the extraordinary professional contribution of the 16th International Conference “Regulatory Activities in the Electronic Communications Sector: Development of a Digital Framework for the Digital Future”, is given a great recognition to the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Activities.
  10. The award for the best authoring work presented within the framework of the Regional Scientific and Professional Conference “Infofest Pulse 2018” is given by Leonid Zimonja, Miloš Ljubojević and Srećko Stanković, for the work “KNX Protocol Implementation in Intelligent Installations”.
  11. For the best functional solution presented at Infofest 2018, awards are awarded to the “Media and Consumer Surveys System” solution, the new product of Montenegrin Telecom and Ipsos.
  12. For the best company appearance at Infofest 2018, a big prize was awarded to the company “Čikom informacijski inženjerning”.