Wednesday, October 3rd, Infofest 2018.

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  • Wednesday, October 3rd, Infofest 2018.

Today at 9 am in the Congress Hall of the hotel Avala Resort and Villas was held ITU workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro on the subject Fostering Entrepreneurship and Start up Ecosystems in Montenegro. The workshop aimed to enable participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the development of digital ecosystems, including design policy, program implementation and projects.

At 10 am in the Avala Hotel Hall, a presentation of InfoDom was held on the topic of modernization of public administration through interoperable E2E services. Prof. Dr Slavko Vidović, general manager of InfoDoma and Goran Marković, director of business development, generally talked about the need of today’s society to digitize its public administration. Beyond the mentioned, they mentioned Smart Industry ecosystems: proactive universities, innovative economy, smart public administration, open media and knowledge society.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise at 10.45h in the Glass Hall had a presentation on the topic of digital win – how do companies achieve full potential in times of accelerated transformation. Speaker Duško Milošević, HPE Territory Sales Manager – Public and Telco, said that it is crucial for companies to transform the market, not the market, and that it is necessary to look positive for digitization.

At 12am in the Avala Resort and Villas Hotel Hall, Oracle held a presentation on the Evolution of Cloud – Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services. Mr. Predrag Pecenica, Solution Engineer has offered participants a platform that is completely self-securing, self-securing, self-repairing and which can help reduce costs, risk and accelerate decision-making.

Presentation on Securing Key Attack Vectors through Advanced Threat Protection was held today at 11.45 am at the Avala Resort and Villas Convention Hall. Mr. Tomislav Tucibat, Regional Accounts Manager – Adriatics Company Fortinet, said that for optimal protection it is necessary: simplify, coordinate, collaborate with Fortinet Security Fabric.

Prime Zone Company presented on Smart Cities at 12.15h in the Avala Hotel’s Glass Hall. Mr. Vojislav Genić, SAP West Balkans, pointed out that cities are in the initial phase of transformation into smart cities and that the process itself has to take place at several levels and includes: management, transport, people, economy and E & R.

At 12.30 in the Congress Hall, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore held a presentation on the topic of digital strategy in the energy company. Mr. Mihailo Gluscevic, EPCG – Directorate for ICT, Executive Manager, concluded that key tools such as tools, initiatives, regulated legal documents, trade, ICT services provision and umbrella agreements are key to this strategy.

A panel discussion on the topic of technology, privacy and privacy policy for the digital economy was organized by the Ministry of Public Administration. Experts in the field of privacy and modern technologies have said that joint efforts can create an environment in which in the 21st century the availability of data, on the one hand, and the preservation of data on the other, will exist together in all areas.

The inviting lecture by Mr. Dejan Cvetkovic, CTO Digital Transformation in Microsoft, on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and its influence, caused great interest of the participants, and it started today at 17.45h in the Glass Hall of the Avala Resort and Villas hotel. In this brilliant lecture with a charming historical overview through illustrative examples, Mr. Cvetkovic graphically illustrated the impact of AI on our lives today, with a question for all of us, how will AI affect our lives in 25 years?

The Ministry of Public Administration held another presentation today at 6 pm in the Congress Hall, on the topic open data: the life in the world in which the data are managed. Bojana Bajić, Head of the Electronic Registry Directorate, spoke about the concept of open data and stated that these are: information generated by the activities of the public authorities, and whose use for commercial and / or non-commercial purposes can create additional value, digital data available on the Internet , which can be reused for purposes other than those for which they were created, are published in an open and machine readable format that can be computerized and analyzed. Beyond the above, the portal of open files has also been posted – available to everyone.

The company Crnogorski Telekom at 18.45h in the Congress Hall had a presentation on the topic of smart solutions of Crnogorski Telekom – examples from practice. Vuk Vukašinović and Radovan Vukotić, the company’s representatives talked about the NB-IOT mobile technology, which is specially adapted for IoT and the requirements for the transfer of small amounts of data. There were also good examples from practice: monitoring air quality and noise levels in Herceg Novi and smart irrigation of vineyards in Podgorica.

In the Avala Hotel Congress Hall at the end of the day, a retrospective presentation of Cik’s achievements on the topic of 25 years of information evolution was held. Vladan Tabaš, Managing Director mentioned some of the business success of the company, as the company grew with Infofest, he highlighted brilliant projects such as: WAN Customs Administration of Montenegro, the first IBS in Serbia and Montenegro, eDMS of the State authorities of Montenegro, systemic infrastructure for eDMS and many others.

In honor of Infofest and Čikom’s 25 years, two great concerts were organized. As part of this Special Program, the participants were delighted with the splendid guitar duo “Bulatovic-Nikcevic”, artists who keep the Montenegrin melodies from forgetfulness, and who by their quality performances of the world classics earned their performances in the most prestigious concert halls of the world. From 21h on the beach bar “Avale” another nice gift was presented to the students of the 25th Infofest, the rock concert of the band “Red and Black”, the masters of the club gig, also recognized outside the borders of Montenegro. This is the end of this wonderful Budva Infofest night for remembering.