Tuesday, October 2nd Infofest 2018.

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  • Tuesday, October 2nd Infofest 2018.

Today, at 9.30am, at the Congress Hall of Hotel Avala Resort and Villas, the last session of the 16th International Conference on Regulatory Activities in the Electronic Communications Sector began. The conference was about: new regulatory tools for efficient regulatory action, including infrastructure mapping, service quality measurement, and monitoring of radio frequency spectrum. Numerous representatives of the government sector, as well as other participants, visited the conference.

After that, he continued in the IT manners. At 10:00 am in the Glass Room of Hotel Avala Resort and Villas Mr. Igor Jovićević, executive director and founder of Infostream, presented an open EIK tool for business analysis of big data in insurance companies. The word was generally the concept of big data and the benefits of their analysis.

At 10.45 am in the Glass Hall of the Hotel Avala Resort and Villas, Mr. Dušan Sikimić, representative of Bassilichi Company, spoke about the blockchain phenomenon in technology and presented it with the apse of increased security of communication networks. The difference between blockchain and universally applicable technology and its particular application is defined.

Mr. Nemanja Pejić at the Glass Room of Hotel Avala Resort and Villas at 11.30 am from the E-Smart System company, which has been dealing with security of information systems and security for 18 years now and in the cloud, has enabled us to “look under the hood” at tools, by which it is accomplished.

One-stop-shop in Montenegro presented by the Ministry of Public Administration, started today at 12:15 in the Glass Room of Hotel Avala Resort and Villas. One-stop-shop is presented as a unique space for providing public administration services, enabling Montenegrin citizens to receive all services from the public administration in one place.

After the program, the participants of the Infofest were at 14 pm at the Brewery of Hotel Avala Resort and Villas with the music program of the talented saxophonist Anton Melnikova.

The Regional Scientific and Professional Conference Infofest Pulse 2018 began today at the Congress Hall at 17h. Work of B.Sc. Snežane Šućurović Postrgresql – open source, o / r database is generally introducing this database. Research based project work, Prof. Millions Petrovic speaks of the modern model of education, which is based on collaborative learning and on solving real life tasks. The work of Milosava Majstorović represents the application of concepts AO and UPP in the development of life insurance offerings. Miloš Trkulja presented a paper on the impact of digital globalization on marketing through the prism of user interaction and the digital environment defined through digital identity.

At 17:00 in the Glass Room of Hotel Avala Resorts and Villas, a forum was held on the topic of blochain and the future of technology and society. Renowned experts in blockchain technology: Shaun Kahn (founder of Glass Capital), Ivan Bjelajac (President of Blockchain Serbia Initiative and CEO of MVP Workshop) and Marko Kovačević (Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVP Workshop). Generally, it was about the blockchain technology itself, the new technology, which is decentralized and embraces equal chances for everyone. The forum was devoted to the ways of implementing blockchain tenology in the near future in the countries of the region,

At 17.45 at the Congress Hall, the Ministry of Public Administration held a presentation on the subject of electronic administration in Montenegro ie the concept of building blocks. It was a concept that would allow users to communicate with public administrations whenever they want data to management to come automatically through secure, unique citizenship identification in a national interoperability framework that is in line with the European Interoperability Framework.

At 9 pm at the Aperitif Bar Hotel Avala Resort and Villas with a music program In the midst of the renowned, Montenegrin artist Marija Božović, another successful Infofest day was concluded!