About Infofest



With granting of awards and honors to  the most successful and farewell words of the director of the Festival, 24th Infofest was completed last year,

Otherwise, the Festival was officially opened by Suzana Pribilović, Minister of Public Administration in the Government of Montenegro, and the participants were addressed at the opening by prof. Phd. Ramo Šendelj, a member of the Infofest Program Committee and Grgurović Darko, Executive Director of the Agency for Electronic Communications.

Already on Monday a rich and meaningful program began. Several interesting panels, presentation by invitation, counseling and, by tradition, an international conference on regulatory activities in the field of electronic communications was implemented. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized a workshop on the new version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6). Undisputed world leaders (Microsoft, SAP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NCR, Symantec, Fortinet …), the most important ICT companies in the region (TeleGroup, Asseco, Saga, Čikom, S&T, Energodata, ZZI, Infostream, Lanaco, DunavNET, SBS …) and telecommunications operators (Montenegro Telekom, Telenor) presented the new ICT solutions, projects and products.

The Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro, which is Info fest co-organizer, was the holder of two panels – “Perspectives of open e-services and open data” (with ReSPA) and “The threats and challenges in cyberspace”, and also in the context of Agenda, held three thematic presentations.

Last year’s rich program was attended by the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro, Statistical Office of Montenegro, Electric Power Industry of Montenegro … Montenegro Post was the holder of the conference “Digital territory of Post”, Montenegrin Olympic Committee organized the session “IT in Modern Sport.” Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce has prepared a joint performance of the Montenegrin ICT companies (WinSoft, Data Design, Bild Studio, Navira IT Solution, S&T, Montex Elektronika and Čikom) and held panel on e-invoices. In the Infofest program, presentation of selected IPA and Erasmus+ projects has been successfully presented and implemented. A special qualitative stamp of last year’s Festival gave the Regional Scientific Conference “Infofest Pulse”.

Within the “Infofest exhibition”, placed in the free areas of the hotel “Avala”, its checkpoints had 14 companies. This year, the organizer has provided to 150 students free participation in the Infofest 2017. Already traditional backing animate programs have contributed to a pleasant business atmosphere. The traditional “Evening with Friends” was realized on Thursday 28.09. at 21:30 pm, with a cocktail and music band “Beauty and the Beast.” Sponsor wasthe National Tourism Organization of Montenegro.

This year, all numerous Infofest friends will have a nice reason for pride and pleasure – all together we will celebrate 25 years of our Infofest!