Infofest 2018


The Jubilee, 20th Anniversary Festival of Information Achievements – INFOFEST 2018 was held in the Budva Hotel “Avala Resort & Villas”, from September 30 to October 6. Also this year, the organizers of the Festival were the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro and the consultant company Biznis Link. The jubilee INFOFESTA slogan was “History of the Future” as an association on the role of the Festival in the development of information and communication technologies in our regions. The slogan was explained in more detail by INFOFESTA director in the catalog’s editorial:

“At first glance, this year’s Infofest slogan, or the title of this introduction, will come to you. Explained, the future is a term that signifies what is to happen, and history refers to what has already happened. So, with full logical right, we can say that the construction of “The History of the Future” is an unsustainable semantic paradox.

Where, then, is this irrelevance of an otherwise festive organizer of the Festival?

Progress, and even survival in the ambience of contemporary technological development, is increasingly dependent on the openness of our mind. “Open mind necessity,” I would say in English. The open mind is constantly questioning even undeniable axioms, and perhaps theoretically confirmed theories. Stereotypics to and not to mention. Only through chronic re-examination of “proven” and “confirmed” we can spread space for creation, invention, for new developmental penetration. If there was no such openness, it would be difficult for us today to have such mobile telephony, broadband network, Internet …

Such an approach gives us the right to question the interpretation of the notion of history and the notion of the future, as stated at the beginning of this text. There is also the right to speak of “the history of the future”, ignoring the notions of logical inconsistency.

In the previous Infofest for 25 years, many unmistakable stereotypes have been written, and “born” is what we did not expect. This quarter of a century confirmed that we were justified in all doubts, that we did not care, that we understood why it was important to strive for the future to be considered and, as far as possible, foreseeable. That’s why we were at Infofest, the first (at least in our region) talking about new computer architectures, the future of the Internet, email, broadband structures, the Cloud, the Internet-of Things concept, the … Time is confirmed that, in this way, at least a little has been written about the history of the future! With this interpretation of my own right, we need to understand the context in which we will talk about artificial intelligence, self-study this year … And, perhaps, ultimately futuristic, we must now ask – where will we talk about future teleporting to the future Infofest!

Looking at the future can not rest on the thrill of every new “invention” and its trivial application. We must not subvert our intellectual capacity just by anticipating the new announcements of large vendors. Great Aleksej Kišjuhas says, “Sometimes you should walk around the graveyard of once-live and glamorous technologies. If we have a fax, a bumper, a wax, a CD player … Because, just as it has disappeared or been extinguished over 90 percent of the living species that have ever lived on Earth, it is the same with technology. Trips are “living dinosaurs” like crocodiles. ”

Sounds immoral, but – to ask, do you think that we are at Infofest, all these years, trying to recognize just the “crocodiles”, to understand them and to pay attention to them. I do not know how much that quest was successful but we did not give up. And that is good, it is encouraging! What do you think?

Why, then, this jubilee Infofest would not be the “History of the Future”? If anyone thinks we have not written so far, let her go now. Jubilee is a real opportunity for it!

That is why I invite you to be together with the writers of the history of the future. ”

INFOFEST 2018 began with the opening ceremony of the Avale hotel terrace. Along with an appropriate artistic program, Montenegrin Public Administration Minister Suzana Pribilovic and High Official of the International Telecommunication Union Kemal Huseinovic addressed attendees. The Jubilee Festival was opened by the Vice-President of the Assembly of Montenegro Branimir Gvozdenović, one of the founders of the INFOFEST idea.

The Jubilee Festival congratulated all participants on Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, a personal letter read at the opening ceremony.

The INFOFEST Jubilee had 1182 registered individual participants from 24 countries, representatives of the ICT sector, state organs, financial institutions, telecommunications and energy sector, industry, public companies and other significant business entities, as well as renowned experts and independent ICT authorities.


Eight companies participated in INFOFEST in “exclusive status”:

  • SBS – Serbian Busuness Systems
  • SAP West Balkans
  • Oracle
  • Čikom
  • Saga CG
  • Post of Montenegro
  • Crnogorski Telekom

In addition to these, 34 companies and institutions had the status of official festival participant:

  • TeleGroup
  • Infolink
  • Axis Communications
  • IP Way
  • OSA Computer Engineering
  • Digit
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Fujitsu
  • Bassilichi CEE
  • E-Smart Systems
  • Ministry of Economy of Montenegro
  • Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services
  • infostream
  • Microsoft
  • Radio-diffusion center of Montenegro
  • International Telecommunication Union – ITU
  • S & T
  • Fortinet
  • Regional School of Public Administration – ReSPA
  • InfoDom
  • Crna Gora Chamber of Commerce
  • Montex Electronics
  • Navira IT Solutions
  • Bild Studio
  • WinSoft
  • Data Design
  • amplitude
  • Jugodata
  • Elektroprivreda Crne Gore
  • National Tourist Organization of Montenegro
  • Prime Zone
  • Symantec
  • Payten


In the ex-catedra program, which lasted five business days, 34 company and project presentations were realized. A total of five panels and one workshop were held. The special INFOFESTA program was the traditional (16th) International Conference of Regulatory Parties in the Electronic Communications Sector, Carriers of the Electronic Communications and Postal Services Agency and the International Telecommunication Union. The Post Office of Montenegro has organized the Eighth Regional Counseling “Digital Territory of Mail”, and the Montenegrin Olympic Committee is the fourth advisory on “Informatics in Contemporary Sport”.

Two special invitations (Dejan Cvetković – Microsoft and Fabian Schäfer – Rittal) were held at the special invitation of the Organizer.

At the INFOFEST exhibition, there were 14 companies in their checkpoints.

During the jubilee, the organizer provided an extremely rich animated program (cocktails, concerts, music and entertainment evenings).


Sunday, September 30th
…… – 19:30 hotels Arrival, registration, accommodation
20: 30-21: 30* Avala Plato Opening ceremony (cocktail, art program – Slaviša Grubiša, string quartet “Amuletik”)
Monday, October 1st
09: 30-13: 00 Congress Hall 16th International Conference “Regulatory Activities in the Electronic Communications Sector”: Development of the Digital Future Framework for Digital Future – Session 1 (Electronic Communications and Postal Operations Agency and International Telecommunication Union)
10: 00-10: 30 TeleGroup Room Room: HRMS – Recognition and Management – Nemanja Jovanović, TeleGroup, CRM Manager
10: 45-11: 15 S & T Glass Room: Digital Identity – Milan Marić, S & T Montenegro, Director; Rudi Ponikvar, OSI Slovenia, Director
11: 30-13: 00 Staklena sala panel: Future of Public Services and Use of Information Technologies in the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA)
13: 30-14: 00 Fujitsu’s Glass Room: Fujitsu in the SAP environment
14: 00-14: 30* Aperitif-bar music program: soul, fingers, sound (Mladen Nikčević – guitar)
14:30 – 17:00 Congress Room 16th International Conference “Regulatory Sector in the Electronic Communications Sector”: Development of the Digital Future Framework for Digital Future – Session 2 (Electronic Communications and Postal Services Agency and International Telecommunication Union)
15: 00-18: 00 Glass Hall Panel: ISA² in Montenegro: Interoperable Public Administration Solutions (European Commission – DG DIGIT and Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro)
18: 00-18: 30 Congress Hall Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro: Digital Identity and National Identity Document (NID) – Freedom and Confidence Question – MSc Dejan Abazović, Montenegrin Public Administration, State Secretary
18: 45-19: 15 Crnogorski Telekom Congress Hall  Exclusive Participant: The Future of Measurement of Media and Consumer Habits. Symbiosis of research work and digital technologies. New product of Montenegrin Telecom and Ipsos – Marjan Popović
Tuesday, October 2nd
09: 30-13: 00 Congress Hall 16. International Conference “Regulatory Activities in the Electronic Communications Sector”: Development of the Digital Future Framework for Digital Future – Session 3 (Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services and International Telecommunications Union)
10: 00-10: 30 Glass Room Infostream: Big Data ELK – an example of business analysis in insurance companies
10: 45-11: 15 Glass Room Bassilichi CEE: The Influence of Blockchain Technology in Contemporary Banking – Dušan Sikimić, Project Manager
11: 30-12: 00 Glass Room E-Smart Systems: Infrastructure and Information Security system – view under the hood – Nemanja Pejić, Head of Infrastructure Team ESS; Nebojša Lazović, Regional Sales Manager, Riverbed
12: 15-13: 45 Glass Hall Room: One-stop-shop in Montenegro – needs and opportunities (Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro)
14: 00-14: 30* Brewery music program: Sanjarije (Anton Melnikov – saxophone)
16: 00-17: 30 Congress Hall Regional Scientific and Professional Conference Infofest Pulse 2018: Authors’ Works – Session 1
17: 00-18: 30 Glass Hall: Blockchain and the future of technology and society Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro: Electronic Administration in Montenegro – concept of bilding blocks – MSc Dejan Abazović, Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro, State Secretary
21: 00-23: 30* Aperitif bar music night: In the direction of (Marija Božović)
Wednesday, October 3rd
09: 00-11: 30 Congressional Workshop: Fostering Digital Entrepreneurship and Start-up Ecosystems in Montenegro (International Telecommunication Union)
10: 00-10: 30 Room InfoDom: Digitalization of Public Administration and Smart Industry – prof. dr. Slavko Vidović, Managing Director; Goran Marković, Business Development Director
10: 45-11: 15 Glass Hall Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Digital Success – How Companies Fully Enhance Potential in Times of Accelerated Transformations – Duško Milošević, HPE Territory Sales Manager – Public and Telco
11: 30-12: 00 Glass Oracle Room  Exclusive Participant: Evolution of Cloud – Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services – Predrag Pečenica, Solution Engineer
11: 45-12: 15 Fortinet Congress Hall: Securing Key Attack Vectors Through Advanced Threat Protection – Tomislav Tucibat, Regional Accounts Manager – Adriatics
12: 15-12: 45 Glass Hall Prime Zones: Smart Cities – Vojislav Genić, SAP West Balkans
12: 30-13: 00 Congress Room of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore: Digital Strategy in the Energy Company – Mihailo Gluščević, EPCG – Directorate for ICT, Chief Executive Officer
13: 00-14: 30 Green Room Panel: Technology, Privacy and Privacy Policy for Digital Economy (Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro)
17: 45-18: 45 Glass Room Lecture on Call: Artificial Intelligence – The Future – Dejan Cvetkovic, Microsoft, CTO Digital Transformation
18: 00-18: 30 Congress Hall Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro: Open-Data: Life in Data Management Worldwide – Bojana Bajić, Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro – Directorate for Electronic Registry, Head of Unit
18: 45-19: 15 Crnogorski Telekom Congress Room  Exclusive Participant: Smart Solutions of Montenegrin Telecom – Exemplary Practices – Vuk Vukašinović, Radovan Vukotić
19: 30-20: 00 Congress Room Čiko  Exclusive Participant: Four Year of Computer Evolution – Vladan Tabaš, Čikom, Managing Director
20: 00-20: 45* Congress Hall Concert Classical Guitar: Duo Bulatović / Nikčević (Čikomovih dvadesetpet)
21: 00-23: 30* Avala-terrace Fun-music program: “Red and Black” (Čikomovih dvadesetpet)
Thursday, October 4th
10: 00-10: 30 Green Room Microsoft: The Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph / Unified Platform for Combating Cyberthreats Powered by AI and Machine Learning – Dragan Tasić, Microsoft Software, Technology Solutions Professional – Security Solutions
11: 00-11: 30 Symantec Congress Room: Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense – Davor Perat, Symantec Senior Technology Consultant
10: 45-11: 15 OSA Glass Room Computer Engineering: Manage Business, Business Processes, Documents and Data through Integrated DMS & ERP Solution UniDocs Business Box – Marija Vujić, OSA, UniDocs Sales Manager
11: 45-12: 15 Congress Room Čiko Exclusive Participant: Digital Transformation of Local Governments – Dragoslav Kenjić, Čiko, Technical Director
11: 30-12: 00 Glass Saga Room consumer 4.0 – Vukašin Vlahović, Saga, Director of Sales Sector (Private Sector)
12: 30-13: 15 Congress Room Lecture Call Unique “Green” Data Center Lefdal Mine – Fabian Schäfer, Rittal GmBH & Co. KG, Group Leader Portfolio Management IT System Solutions
12: 15-12: 45 Lanca Lantern Room  Exclusive Participant: SaaS Software Distribution Experience – Dragan Ninić, Lanaco, Business Development Manager
13: 00-13: 30 Glass room Infostream Digitization of business process – registers licenses and licenses
13: 30-14: 00* Aperitiv-bar music program: Dame Infofest (Duo violin & violet – Milena Vuković, Anda Buši)
16: 00-17.30 Congress Hall Regional Scientific and Professional Conference Infofest Pulse 2018: Authors – Session 2
16: 00-19: 00 Glass Room Counseling: Informatics in Contemporary Sports. Technologies in the Prevention of Doping (Montenegrin Olympic Committee)
19: 15-19: 45 The Congress Room of Montenegro Post  Exclusive Participant: All these Years – Aleksandra Perovic, Philatelic and International Cooperation Manager
21: 30-24: 00* Terrace “Bruno” Infofest: Več prijatelj (zabavno-glazbeni program: “Beauty & The Beast”)
Friday, October 5th
09: 30-12: 30 Glass Room 8. Regional Counseling “Digital Postal Territory”: Postal Business: Challenges of the Era of Electronic Business (Post of Montenegro)
10: 00-11: 30 Congress Room Presentation Program: ICT sector in Montenegro (Montenegro Chamber of Commerce)
12: 45-13: 45 Green Room Project Presentation Erasmus +: Enhancement of Study Programs in Public Health – Health Information Management
12: 00-13: 30 Congress Hall: Digital Economy: Now or Now? (Association of Montenegro Managers and Montenegro Chamber of Commerce)
19: 30-20: 00 Infofest Glass Room: Award and Awards. Closing the Festival
20: 00-20: 30* Infofest Room: End (Nađa Janković, guitar)
Saturday, October 6th
…… – 11:00 hotels Check out. Exit participants


INFOFEST 2018 exhibition


Post of Montenegro Ministry of Public Administration EKIP ITU

Hewlett Packard Enterprise NTO Crne Gore

As E-Smart Systems

ENEL PS Lanaco

The Oracle Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro

Digit Crnogorski Telekom



In the framework of the Regional Scientific and Professional Conference INFOFEST Pulse 2018 “, in the two sessions were presented the 11 best works, selected by public competition. The works were published in the INFOFESTA Catalog and nominated for festival awards and acknowledgments. These are:

PostgreSQL – open source, object relational database (PostgreSQL – open source, O / R database) – Snežana Šućurović
Project Teaching Based on a Research Project – Milijana Petrović
Application of Concepts AO and UPP in the development of life insurance offer – Dr. Milosav Majstorović, Dr Dušan Krstajić, Dr. Radovan Cvetković
The Influence of Digital Globalization on Marketing – Mr. Miloš Trkulja
Expanding Reality as a Part of Mobile Learning – Slavica Radosavljevic, Vitomir Radosavljevic, Biljana Grgurovic, Gordana Jelić
Virtuelization of Servers in a Public Company – Nemanja Mihajlović, Natalija Vugdelija, Nenad Kojić
Impact of Making Decision on Business Su

ccess – Divna Bosiocic Kesić
KNX Protocol Implementation in Intelligent Installations – Leonid Zimonja, Miloš Ljubojević, Srećko Stanković, Vojkan Vasković
Corporate Datacenter Protection NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) Solution – Draško Stojanović
Steinway B Piano Piano Accompaniment Evaluation Using Computer – Zoran Milivojević, Zoran Veličković
Education in Medical Informatics: Future Perspectives and Applications – Bojana Tošić, Max Seitz, Renate Nantschev, Ivana Ognjanovic, Anđela Jakšić Stojanovic, Petra Knaup, John Mantas, Elske Ammenwerth, Rosa Adany


At the final festival session, at the suggestion of the Program Board that followed all the festival programs, the Board of Directors of INFOFESTA awarded the following prizes and acknowledgments:

To contribute to the development and synergic integration of the ICT sector in Montenegro, recognition is given to the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce.
The group of authors: Dr. Miroslav Majstorović, Dr. Dušan Krstajić and Dr. Radovan Cvetković are awarded the recognition of the quality of work “Application of Concepts AO and UPP in the development of life insurance offer”, presented within the framework of the Regional Scientific and Professional Conference “Infofest Pulse 2018”.
In particular, the Board of Directors of the 25th Festival of Computerized Achievements – Infofest 2018 thanks Mr. Dejan Cvetkovic, CTO for Digital Transformation in Microsoft, as a lecturer at the invitation to the jubilee 25th Infofest.
The Infostream Company is given special recognition of the quality of the “License and Licenses Registries” solution from the domain of business process digitization.
Special recognition is given to Saga – New Frontier Group for the solution “Geolocation Services: G-fence”.
For dynamic and successful application of the latest technologies in different domains, the award is awarded to E-Smart Systems.
Due to the high functional usability of the results of the 8th Regional Advisory “Digital Postal Territory”, a great recognition is given to the Battle of Montenegro.
For a successful transformation of the portfolio of its own solutions on the principle of “Software as a Service” is awarded a special recognition to the company
For the extraordinary professional contribution of the 16th International Conference “Regulatory Activities in the Electronic Communications Sector: Development of the Digital Framework for the Digital Future”, a great recognition is given to the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Activities.
The award for the best authoring work presented in the framework of the Regional Scientific and Professional Conference “Infofest Pulse 2018” was given by Leonid Zimonja, Miloš Ljubojević and Srećko Stanković, for the work “KNX Protocol Implementation in Intelligent Installations”.
For the best functional solution presented at Infofest 2018, awards are awarded to the “Media and Consumer Surveys System”, a new product of Montenegrin Telecom and Ipsos.
For the best company appearance at Infofest 2018, a great reward for “All about IT engineering” is awarded.


You can see photos from jubilee Infofesta HERE.