1. Registration fee – participation without accomodation

For participants that organize their accommodation independetly from Organizer, registration fees are:

Registration fee Mark Price (eur)
Daily registration fee DN 45,00
Participation up to 3 days SAP 85,00
Participation more than 3 days SAC 110,00

Registration fee includes registration with ID card, registration folder with Catalogue and other materials and right to participate in official and optional (animated) programs.

  1. Hotel accomodation

Hotel accommodation prices are valid for one person, for single basic service (bed and breakfast, residence tax and insurance).

Hotel Type of room Price (EUR)
Avala Resort & Villas 1/1 91,50
Avala Resort & Villas 1/2 65,50
Slovenska plaža 4* 1/1 43,00
Slovenska plaža 4* 1/2 34,00

(REMARK: Hotel „Avala Resort&Villas has equally treated accommodation in reception building and in villas. The rooms are assigned according to availability, therefore Organizer is not able to guarantee the building in which the room is located.)

Up to three nights, appropriate registration fee is SAP (85,00 EUR), for longer staying it is SAC (110,00 EUR).

Supplement for half board (HB) or full board (FB) – per day, per person (EUR):

Restaurant service Half board (HB) Full board (FB)
Avala Resort & Villas 15,00 25,00
Slovenska plaža 4* 4,00 8,00


c) Supplement for sea-view (only for Avala Resort&Villas) is charged 15 EUR per day/room (mark SV).

d) Price of air transportation service Belgrade – Tivat – Belgrade is available upon request.

e) Individual transfer (up to two persons) from airport Tivat to the hotel is charged 23,00 EUR (one direction).

f) Application, the last page of document, has to be sent to e-mail (infofest@infofest.com).


After receiving the Application, the Organizer will submit the payment instruction in favour of Organizer’s financial operator (BTA Agency).

Booked accommodation made by the application will be valid up to the payment term stipulated within the payment instruction. Absence of payment automatically cancels the reservation, and therefore it should be renewed.

Registration will be done at INFOFEST Welcome desk (hotel “Avala&Villas”).

g) The deadline for submission of the applications and payment is 26.09.2018.

h) Payments are irrevocable, with possibility for potential changes of the names of participants.

i) For additional information on 25th Festival of Information Technology Achievements – INFOFEST 2018, please contact us at phone: +381 11 21 21 188 and +381 11 42 81 197, or e-mail: infofest@infofest.com.