Selected works


Selected Authoring Works will be presented in two sessions:

Session  1: Tuesday, 26th of September,  16:00-17:30h

  • Development of e-Pharmacy of Serbia and Integration with e-Government in Field of Drugs Regulation – Tatjana Stojadinović
  • Facebook Implementation in Lectures – Milijana Petrović
  • One Solution of Web Application for Remote Generation, Modification and Recording of Sound – Đorđe Petrović, Nenad Kojić, Milanko Kragović, Natalija Vugdelija
  • Analysis of Quant Algorithm Impact for Factorization on Modern Cryptographic Systems –  Dragomir Stevanović
  • Implementation of McAfee SIEM (System Information and Security Management) System in Komercijalna Bank AD Belgrade System – Draško Stojanović
  • 5G Systems – a Foundation for Industries Transformation – Vanesa Čačković, Željko Popović

Session 2: Thursday, 28th of September, 16:00-17:15h

  • Personal Biometric Identification Based on Scrambled Water Mark – Zoran Veličković, Zoran Milivojević, Dejan Blagojević, Marko Veličković
  • Computer Systems Implementation for Evaluation of Vibrates – Zoran Milivojević, Dragiša Balanesković, Zoran Veličković, Darko Brodić
  • Implementation of Internet of Things in Postal Services – Jelena Milutinović, Biljana Grgurović
  • A Free, Simple and Choice Reaction Time Software and its Application in Fatigue Detection – Phd. Mirjana Dejanović, Phd. Igor Dejanović, Phd. Nenad Milošević
  • Tools for Fast Development of Software Based on Domain Specific Languages – Phd. Igor Dejanović, Phd. Mirjana Dejanović, Phd. Gordana Milosavljević