Company participation at INFOFEST

The right to participate in the official program of INFOFEST is granted to the companies that express interest and get confirmation of professional Festival bodies. Information regarding the Company’s conditions of participation can be obtained by telephone (+ 381 11 3830 099 and + 381 11 3830 097) or by e-mail:


Participating Company firstly has to choose the participating status, and then choose one or more participation options (forms).

1. Participating status could be:

a) Basic status – Company registration (mark: KR) basic level of status:
• company recording in the Catalogue register of participants;
• editorial description of the Company in the INFOFEST Catalogue;
• company’s logo exposure within the graphical design of the Festival and video materials;
• mentioning of the Company during announcement campaign, printed materials and website;
• benefits for usage of non-standard services of the Organizer;
• personal registration fee for one Company representative.

b) Exclusive status (mark: ES) – Company registration with emphasized exposure status. It includes rights from basic status with extended editorial description in Catalogue, highlighted mentioning of Company and separated graphic mark-up. Exclusive status additionally provides:
•  free one colour page advertisement in the Festival’s Catalogue;
• accommodation and registration fee for one person in 1/1 room of hotel »Maestral«.

2. Company performance options

a) Exhibition form – stand/point with logo mark up`s on INFOFEST exhibition in options that are shown at Festival`s web page as follows:
VIP – app 12-18 square meters in a prominent position, with work and reception desk, mount for prospect material, wall surfaces for graphics applications, plasma screen, sitting arrangement and power connection;
SIP – 6-12 square meters), with work and reception desk, wall surfaces for graphics applications, sitting arrangement and power connection;
IP – basis of 3 x 2,4m, with wall surface for graphic applications, the reception desk with the logo and power connection;
GP – basis of 1.8 x 2m, with externally illuminated graphic curved wall dimensions 1.8 x 2.4m and with the reception desk;
GB – graphic panel with dimensions 1.2 x 1,8m.

b) Presentation performance lasts 30 minutes with provision of presentation equipment and sound system, held at:
• Congress hall (2/3 of hall) of hotel “Maestral”, with max. 180 seats (KON);
• Congress hall (1/3 of hall) of hotel “Maestral”, with max. 85 seats (PRE);
• “Blue Salon” of hotel “Maestral”, with app. 45 seats (SAL).

3. Other options

a) Sponsorship of the INFOFEST content (Pxx):
• The award ceremony and farewell event »Evening with friends (POZ);
• Official program sessions (round table, panel, forum, authoring works) (PNP);
• Activity »Students at INFOFEST« (PSI).

b) Advertisement and other options:
• Colour advertisement page in the Catalogue with circulation of 2,000 copies (OUS);
• INFOFEST site banner (BIS);
• Inclusion of promotional material into the INFOFEST registration kit (FUM);
• Printing of the Company’s logo on the registration box-folder, together with logos of other participating companies (FLO);
• Exclusive printing of the Company’s logo on the registration box-folder (FLE);
• Broadcasting of video material on INFOFEST plasma TV system (EVM).