Monday, October 1

Today at 9:30 am the 16th international conference on the development of the regulatory framework for the digital future was opened at the Avala Resort and Villas hotel congress hall. Two conference sessions were held today. The first session focused on global and regional trends in the development of ICT policies and regulatory frameworks for the digital future, while the second session was dedicated to the introduction of various high-speed broadband infrastructures, new technologies and their impact on the development of the regulatory framework for the digital future (5G, things, artificial intelligence) as well as regulatory challenges and opportunities in the field of market analysis, roaming, service quality, user rights and their protection, levels of electromagnetic fields in the context of the implementation of 5G.

Milan Marić, director of S & T Montenegro and Rudi Ponikvar, director of S & T in Slovenia, today held a presentation on digital identity at 10.45 am in the glass hall of Avala Resort and Villas.

At 11 am in the glass hall of the Avala Resort and Villas hotel, a ReSPA panel was held on the topic “Future of Public Services and Use of Information Technologies in the Western Balkans Region”. The panel discussed the ISA2 program, which was presented by Mr. Nora Wolloch, a European Commission representative, Mr. Georges Lobo, a representative of the European Commission, as well as a regional study on service delivery – key messages and open communication with the public.

Dejan Despotović, a Fujitsu representative, led the presentation of Fujitsu in the SAP environment in the glass hall of the hotel Avala Resort and Villas at 13.30. The atmosphere was promoted by Mladen Nikcevic, a young Montenegrin guitarist with his Dusha, fingers, sound with a musical program in the aperitif bar of the hotel Avala Resort and Villas at 2 pm.

After a short break, we continued with the program and a workshop on the topic of ISA2 in Montenegro was held in the glass hall of the Avalas Resort and Villas Hotel Hall in the evening: interoperable solutions for public administration. At this workshop, European Commission experts presented participants with the results of this program and brought closer the possibility of using it.

The Ministry of Public Administration held a presentation on the topic of digital identity and national identification document (NID) – the issue of freedom and trust at 6 pm in the congress hall of the hotel Avala Resort and Villas. The presentation focused on the importance of digital identity, NID, and the improvement of public services. Magister Dejan Abazovic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Public Administration, led the participants of Infofest through the presentation.

The latest presentation, but not least, was the presentation of Crnogorski Telekom, for which Marjan Popovic presented the new product in cooperation with Ipsos on the future of measuring media and consumer habits through digital technologies. The presentation was held today at the convention hall of Avala Resort and Villas at 18.45h.

The first day ended earlier so that the participants would have time to enjoy the charms of Budva and save energy for the next, more exciting Infofest day!